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Welcome to the Accepted catalog for college applicants. Here you can purchase soup-to-nuts consulting and editing packages as you go through the grueling college admissions process or order a la carte services to suit your specific needs. J&B ESSAY CONSULTING, a team of top-notch essay consultants, offers the most effectively customized essay writing consulting to clients in need of writing guidance. Since founded in , we have proudly consulted clients on various matters of essay writing so that they are encouraged to develop a strong sense of confidence and satisfaction in their academic and professional pursuits. Writing a Successful Diversity Secondary Essay - Step 1: Explore your own diversity. Building on the above observations, the first step in writing an excellent diversity secondary essay is to explore your own diversity (“broadly defined”).

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On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin. Darwin, essay consulting, an English natural scientist, essay consulting, theorized and published a masterpiece on the field of evolution, which truly revolutionized the science of evolution and other subsequent, inter-related domains.

Natural Selection and Survival of the Fittest are the main take-way from his theory of evolution. He himself and his work have constantly been the target of critics advocating the notion of creation, which repudiates the essential arguments Darwin made in the work.

Recommended especially to: college students studying natural sciences, humanities and social sciences. The journey of finding the memories of his father has not only led him to face and fight against some of the critical social issues such as race, equality or human rights that personally affected him essay consulting his life but also helped him discover who he truly is as a unique individual who essay consulting to have a Caucasian American mother and a Kenya father, with diverse cultural backgrounds, essay consulting.

Recommended especially to: high essay consulting seniors, college students whose majors are not, yet, essay consulting, decided or anyone who struggles with their own identity crisis. The Stranger by Albert Camus. Be prepared to be shocked with what Essay consulting has attempted to relay through the work; what is more, essay consulting, this book will definitely challenge your beliefs onto which you have held essay consulting so long. Non-Possession by Beopjeong.

Having such endless greed and desire for materials, he further reasons, essay consulting, would ultimately lead one to feel unsatiated and dejected.

One can become truly happy only if he distances himself from having such persistent, execessive greed for tangible things, essay consulting. The take-home message is this: Only possess the ones that are truly needed and throw away the ones that are not necessary.

This extraordinary piece of philosophical work relatively recently published by Searle invites the reader of all backgrounds and interests to think hard about one of essay consulting central questions in life: Can we truly perceive e.

In other words, are we certain that what we perceptually experience from moment to moment is genuine? Yes, Searle claims. There are, roughly speaking, essay consulting, two main positions with respect to how the nature of perception should be understood: On the one hand, perception is the result of dependence of sense data with which how we perceive is influenced and shaped. Perception, on the other hand, is the direct representation of what is out there, the reality. Searle objects to the former and thereby espouses the latter position.

The act of negotiation, Ross reasons, not only requires a sophisticated level of linguistic abilities but also profound insights into the psychology of human mind and how we humans simply reason. Further cultivate your negotiating skills by employing some of the tactics and strategies the top negotiator suggests! Recommended especially to: college majors in communication, business and politics.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. The Alchemist is one of the greatest written works ever produced by Coelho, a renowned Brazilian novelist.

The book is about Santiago, a protagonist, struggling to pursue his personal legend after waking up from a disturbing dream and meeting a gypsy. Recommended especially to: Students majoring in essay consulting, philosophy and English. Essay consulting Theory of Justice written by John Rawls, a Harvard professor in moral and political philosophy, is considered as one of the most influential philosophical work in political philosophy ever produced in modern days.

Such ignorance would benefit them in determining what it is to be truly moral or just, essay consulting. Recommended especially to: college majors in ethics, philosophy, essay consulting, politics. It is highly interesting and informative to see how Spam, the popular canned cooked pork, is being used as a focal point from which Mr. Recommended especially to: college majors in sociology, ethics, philosophy of law, political science essay consulting business management.


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